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Permanents are 200km and longer rides which are not sanctioned by ACP.

Windsor-Woodland Permanent (Reverse, 126-mi)

I had been looking forward to riding in my first ACP event, the Tappahannock 200k, from Ashland, VA on February 16th.  It was rescheduled to the 23rd due to snow and ice.  The 23rd was still cold and rainy.  No … Continue reading

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Inaugural Windsor-Woodland Permanent (126-mi)

I never imagined a time when I’d complete my year’s first century in JANUARY.  Forecasters were abuzz about the wonderful weekend ahead with temperatures in the 70s and almost no chance of rain.  What cyclist can resist riding on such a weekend?!  … Continue reading

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Southern Sojourn Permanent – Run #2 (127-mi)

I had been off the bike for a couple of weeks due to rain and minor medical issues.  It was nice to get another ride toward an R-12 award on November 4th.  Jacob Anderson was leading his 204-km Southern Sojourn.  The weather … Continue reading

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Southern Sojourn Permanent #1677 (127-mi)

The day finally came when I participated in my first randonneuring event in the form of a 204 kilometer (127 mile) permanent which started from Chesapeake, VA.  For those not familiar with randonneuring, a “permanent” is a somewhat informal event, … Continue reading

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