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Permanents are 200km and longer rides which are not sanctioned by ACP.

R12 Success! Hertford-Edenton Permanent (128 mi)

It had been nearly four weeks since my last ride. I had a command duty phone over Thanksgiving week (no riding with this phone and its associated briefcase) and then I had riding conflicts with either rain, cold, school programs or holiday … Continue reading

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Windsor-Woodland Permanent – Run #2 (126-mi)

The first weekend in November was beautiful! I was hesitant to hit the road for a permanent since I had been off the bike recovering from a knee injury for two weeks. I also felt I needed to get my legs … Continue reading

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Suffolk-Skippers 205 km (132 miles)

I’m getting closer to my R12 goal. I didn’t make an attempt at a permanent on October 5/6 due to the Sea Gull Century. It was raining almost continuously for the next week or so. As a result, I opted … Continue reading

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Wavorly-Smithfield 209 km Permanent – Run #2 (130 miles)

Although I’ve done a few big rides lately, my ride consistency has been lacking. I had ridden just three rides between the Two Rivers Perm on August 22 and this ride on September 15th. One of those rides was the … Continue reading

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Two Rivers 200k Permanent (129 mi)

It’s been a while since my last permanent. I’ve been fighting a skin problem along with a bad reaction to medication. However, I was insistent upon keeping my R12 endeavor alive. My weekends have been shot. So I planned a … Continue reading

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Southern Sojourn Permanent – Run #3 (127-mi)

It’s been a week since my third run of the Southern Sojourn 204 km permanent.  My new job has kept me focused on things other than blogging.  My first two runs were in October where I encountered plenty of rain and November … Continue reading

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Inaugural Wavorly-Smithfield 209 km Permanent (130 miles)

My attempt at a Super Randonneur award for 2013 did not end  successfully.  Sure, I could probably piece together another attempt by finding late season 400/600 km brevets.  But I’m starting a new job in July and may have large … Continue reading

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