Why Read My Blog?


Why read my blog? I’m a new randonneur and will write from the perspective of a novice rider. I have a dry sense of humor and tend to be a bit sarcastic and gritty. That alone could make my reports interesting to those who understand my wit. Conversely, my plan to keep entries less than 1000 words has compelled me to reduce certain details.  00-winky  Regardless, my goal is to complete a Super Randonneur series (200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km events). I’ll share my experiences to include my triumphs, my shortfalls, and my journey toward “getting it right” with regards to packing, dressing, gearing, nutrition, resting, etc. My blog will be genuine and complete, even if I eventually quit, which I hope won’t happen. So check out my blog and let’s see where it goes.


3 Responses to Why Read My Blog?

  1. Mike Shaw 6516 says:

    I too have a Madone 5.2 and I have ridden it 29k miles in the 4 1/2 years since I bought it.
    I liked the Domane when I first heard about it and test rode it to see if it is worth the investment, I think that I am close to making the move. All the pictures you have are insightful. I got my SR this year. Good luck to to you next year


    • Scott says:

      Mike – Thanks for your comments. I don’t recall if I’ve written about the difference between my Madone and Domane in detail (yet). But I’ll say this: Besides the vibration dampening, the Domane is also more stable. Don’t get me wrong… the Madone is a great bike and a crisp handler out of the box. However, it’s just not made for adding a rear rack or heavy handlebar bag. I experience a slight shimmy of the handlebar any time I have the rear bag mounted, even when seated. I tend to believe anything outside of the “rider compartment” between the seat and handlebars has an adverse effect on handling. It’s not dangerous under 30 mph. But it’s a noticeable distraction. The Domane is rock-solid and has no shimmy with the bags mounted. I get just a tiny bit of wobble when I stand with the rear bag mounted. But that’s to be expected with weight suspended from the saddle/post instead of attached to the axle like traditional racks. I think my next bike (if there is one) will be high-end Domane. I’m that fond of the design! Take Care! -Scott


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