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Most of my entries will be about rides. However, I will occasionally trip over an item which makes an impression and compels me to write about it. This is where I will place these “product reviews” regardless of whether they are full reviews or simple comments.

An Unexpected Review: Carry-On 3.5X5LSHS Utility Trailer

I recently served as a SAG driver in support of our local bicycling organization’s Surry Century. I started supporting (rather than riding) the club’s two annual events a few years ago. Later, I took possession of the club’s 14 water … Continue reading

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Product Review: B&M Ixon IQ Premium LED Headlight

January has been a slow riding month for me. I knocked out a calendared RUSA populaire on New Year’s Day. I had hoped to perhaps complete a permanent as well. However, weather and health issues have compelled me to stay … Continue reading

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Bike Fittings: Are They Worth It?

I’m the editor for Chainstay, the newsletter of the Peninsula Bicycling Association.  While looking for a feature tech article for the May edition, I read THIS ARTICLE about the value of bicycle fittings.  A riding buddy, named Jen, got a professional … Continue reading

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New Gearing – Part Product Review, Part Ride Report

I don’t think I’ve ever been a good climber.  When I weighed 150-lbs, I rode a six-speed crit bike with a 42x21T as its lowest gear and 99% of my riding in flat terrain.  Now that I’m well over 200-lbs and carrying more … Continue reading

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New Drivetrain and Tires – WOW!

If you read my entry about the Wilderness Campaign, then you know I had some noise issues which got pretty bad during the ride.  During my clean-up and replacing of the chain (my first suspect), I noticed excessive play in … Continue reading

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Product Review: Busch & Müller Ixon IQ LED Headlight

I hadn’t planned to post entries other than rides greater than 100-km as I chip away at various randonneur achievements.  Then I remembered that part of my goal with this blog is to share my journey into randonneuring.  Part of my journey includes the discovery … Continue reading

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